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Granite vs Quartz

Most Durable Countertops: Granite or Quartz

Deciding which material is suitable for your countertops in your home can take time and effort, especially when considering quartz vs. granite. Some differences between these two countertops and some similarities probably keep you on the fence with this decision. Keep reading to see the differences between these two countertops and determine the best option for you. 

What is Granite?

When you purchase granite countertops for your kitchen, you’re getting a natural slab of rock mined from quarries nationwide. Once your kitchen counter has been measured, this piece of granite is cut into the custom size to fit your countertop. Of all the different materials you can purchase for your countertop, granite is the most natural option, with no other chemicals or materials added. 

A Few Granite Pros 

It’s important to note that granite, the natural rock, can sustain high heat temperatures, which is great for kitchens that do a lot of cooking and doesn’t scratch as easily as other materials. The granite patterns are so unique that there won’t be another pattern matching your kitchen countertop. 

What is Quartz?

Another popular countertop type is quartz, which can be just as popular as the granite countertop. It is a bit different, however. It is also a very durable countertop, lasting for many years once it’s been installed. It is also difficult to damage and requires some minor maintenance. If you decide to go with quartz for your countertops, they must be installed professionally to ensure the rock isn’t damaged when brought into the home.

Pros For Quartz

Quartz looks great throughout the home and isn’t limited to the kitchen. You can keep this going through the bathrooms and fireplaces, too. There are multiple color options when you opt for quartz; you can customize it to fit your style. Unlike other countertop materials, quartz isn’t porous, so it is easy to clean and manages spills easier than other options. Those spending much time in the kitchen need a counter to keep up with this and avoid excessive bacteria growth. 

Quartz Cons

It is important to note that it’s one of the more expensive countertops on the market, so you will have to spend a good amount initially. It also doesn’t handle heat well, so putting hot pans on the quartz will damage it and cause discoloration on the rock. It also doesn’t handle exposure to outdoor elements well, especially sunlight, so you shouldn’t consider this an option for outdoor kitchens. 

Spectrum Homes & Remodeling: Your Trusted Source for Expert Advice

After going through the pros and cons of quartz vs. granite, there are some similarities between the two that determine they are both great options. The bottom line is where you plan to put these countertops, how to use them, and if you’re willing to keep up with any required maintenance. Both are some of the pricier options for countertops, so don’t let price be a factor in the decision. 

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