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Build On Your Lot

With more than 750 homes built over 30 years in the
Greater Lehigh Valley we began our remodeling division.
We proudly serve your home building needs AND your home
remodeling needs.

Service Areas: Alburtis, Allen, Allentown, Bethlehem Township, Bushkill, Catasauqua, Cementon, Coplay, East Allen, Easton, Emmaus, Fogelsville, Forks, Heidelberg, Lower Macungie, Lower Milford, Lower Nazareth, Lower Saucon, Lowhill, Lynn, Macungie, Moore, Nazareth, North Whitehall, Northampton, Salisbury, Saucon Valley, Schnecksville, Slatington, South Whitehall, Upper Macungie, Upper Milford, Upper Nazareth, Upper Saucon, Walnutport, Washington, Weisenberg, Whitehall

On Your Lot Your First Meeting

At Spectrum Homes & Remodeling the first meeting is all about you! We will discuss your wants, needs, and desires for your new home. The GOAL of our first meeting is to explain an overview of the building process, and the advantages of building a new home. You will leave your first meeting with a solid general understanding of “The Four Components of Building A Home.”

We will discuss:

  • Your lifestyle and a floor plan that best works for you
  • Your choices in facades and exterior, designs, and options you may choose
  • Overview of the “In’s and Out’s” of the building process
  • Critical time lines and scheduling based on desired home completion date
  • Overview of financing options…
    • Do I have to sell a home based on personal circumstances?
    • Cash 10% down
    • Different types of loans

Our Pricing & Proposal Process

“For most, people building a home is the largest investment
and personal project they will encounter in a lifetime.”
~ Ken Snyder

We take the pricing and proposal process very seriously. We understand you are making a major financial decision based on the estimated costs we provide you in order to achieve your home building dreams.

After you have chosen a floor plan we will proceed to prepare a proposal that will reflect the cost of “The 4 Components of Building A Home.”

The proposal will include:

  • Home Site:
    Land cost and associated expenses to obtain a building lot.
  • Lot improvement:
    Review of Lot Improvements check list and estimated cost for each item. This is based on the lot you choose.
  • The Home:
    “Yes it’s included” philosophy allows us to stand out among other builders. Many of our standard features are upgrades for most
    builders. Home cost estimate will provide our standard packaging price of your home and highlight what is included.
    • We will provide a list of available upgrades. Special amenities may be added and priced separately.
    • Summary of all of our price costs are shown for your convenience and understanding.
  • Financing:
    Guidance through the financial process is available to you…just ask us!

Lot Improvement Checklist

Special Engineering
Engineering requirements may vary per municipality. A civil engineer will be needed to complete grading plans and septic designs if not already completed.
Building Permits
Costs may vary per township and third party inspection agency.
Water Tap in Fees/ Well Permit
Lot owners should verify with the local water authority to confirm additional costs if public water is available to subject lot. Septic permits may also be required per municipality, costs may vary.
Sewer Tap in Fees/ Septic System
Lot owners should verify with the local sewer authority to confirm additional costs if public sewer is available to subject lot. Sep- tic permits may also be required per municipality, costs may vary.
Impact Fees
Verify Impact Fees with local municipality. Impact fees are typically paid by the developer or the owner of the lot prior to the subdivision
Grading Plan Review, Site Plan Review, Septic Design
Municipalities use third party companies for inspections and reviews, costs typically vary.
Electric Connection Fees
Connection fees may vary, depending on location of the electrical supply and distance to the subject home from the connection point.
Fill in/Fill Out
Fill in or fill out costs will very from site to site depending on the topography of the lot.
Soil Erosion Controls
Silt fencing is required to prevent any runoff during the construction period and is required to be installed as per the approved soil and erosion plan.
Tree Removal
Depending on the lot and placement of the home additional cost may occur, a permit may be needed depending on the munici- pality.
Rock Removal & Substandard Soil Conditions
Rock removal and substandard soil conditions could be unforeseen items and may have additional costs.
Trenching is required to install utilities to the home. Costs will vary depending on the distance of the home and setback from the road.
Infiltration Systems/ Storm Water Man- agement
Infiltration systems may be required for the home site and costs vary per municipality, verification is also necessary.
In the event public water is not available a well must be installed, costs may vary depending on the depth of the well and gallons per minute.
Public Water
A cost will be associated with installing water lines from the water access point to the home. Depending on location of the water line, street cutting fees may apply as well as additional municipality fees.
Septic System
In the event public sewer is not available a septic system must be installed, costs will vary depending on the type of system.
Grinder Pump
In the event the sewer lines are not gravity fed a grinder pump may be required at an additional cost.
Public Sewer
A cost will be associated with installing sewer lines from the sewer access point to the home. Depending on location of the sewer line, street cutting fees may apply as well as additional municipality fees.
Driveway costs vary depending on width and length.
Driveway Stone Only
Stone driveway is required to gain access to the home from the street during the construction period.
Service Walks
Depending on the local municipality service walks may be required. Service walks to the front door may be concrete, paver style or stone. Materials may vary based on municipality requirements and home owner choices.
Public Walks
Depending on the municipality public walks may need to be installed. Owner should verify with locality.
Curb Cuts
A curb cut may be required when an existing curb is already installed and access must be gained to the home site.
Final Grading
Final grading is required prior to seeding. Final grade is completed to prepare the lot for seeding. Swales and other lot specifics may be required per plan. Additional top soil may be hauled in for added cost.
Most municipalities now require seeding to be completed prior to closing. A hydro seed is Spectrum’s preferred method but additional options are available. Costs will vary depending upon the amount to be seeded and application type.
Landscaping allowances are determined by the lot owner. Community deed restrictions may require certain landscaping to be installed within a specific period of time, once the home is completed. Review deed restrictions for verification.