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Residential Remodeling & Renovation in PA

A reputation built on quality and value

Spectrum Remodeling is part of Spectrum Group, a greater Lehigh Valley based, full-service real estate company. Ken Snyder, principal of Spectrum Group has been part of the Lehigh Valley housing market for over 40 years.  His experience brings a unique approach to buying, selling, building or remodeling a home. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed for him and his team, “Our commitment to you.” Whether you are building your home or remodeling an existing home, it is OUR COMMITMENT that your experience will be stress-free, so that you can spend more time enjoying your home … for years to come! Spectrum Remodeling represents the highest standard in quality craftsmanship to add maximum value to your home. Our systematic approach to home renovation eliminates any guesswork between Spectrum Remodeling, our customer and our trades-people to deliver a consistent, successful and on-time experience.


Broken or loose tiles, leaking showers or sink valves?

When was the last time you walked into your bathroom to start the morning and wished it were an entirely different space? For many people, that answer is frequently. Common bathroom problems include broken or loose tiles, leaking shower or sink valves, cabinets that are falling apart, or simply not enough walking or storage space – and all of these problems can add up to new frustrations every day of the week. Let Spectrum Remodeling talk you through the ease and simplicity of giving your bathroom a look that’s fresh, new and functional. Whether your bathroom requires more storage space or a complete bath remodel, the end result will be one that offers more convenience to your entire family.


The kitchen is, by far, the most important space in the house!

A place where your family gathers to cook, eat, share conversation. Maybe you use island seating to plan your day or as a homework space for the kids. Is your current kitchen layout working well for you and your family? It’s important to have a kitchen that not only reflects your personality and taste, but one that offers true convenience and comfort and is a real sanctuary. Plus, nothing adds value to a home like a fully updated kitchen. Even if you’re not planning to move any time soon, it makes your home more marketable later – which is a win-win situation. Whether you’re just looking for a change in your cabinets or countertops or a full kitchen overhaul, the Spectrum Remodeling team can help turn your kitchen dreams into a reality.

Finished Basements

Are you looking to expand your entertainment space?

How long has your basement been an empty, dusty space that serves no real purpose for your family? A lot of people buy a home with usable lower-level space but then only dream of turning it into a bright, cozy, comfortable room that could serve many purposes. Why not let Spectrum Remodeling not only help you turn those dreams into reality, but also talk to you about the best materials to keep moisture at bay and renovation costs down? Plus, basements often have a lack of natural light that can be fixed by installing recessed lighting throughout the space. Whether your family plans to use the basement as an entertainment space, office, playroom, gym, or even movie theater, you’ll be surprised at how you reap the benefits of unused space that already exists in your home. Contact for Basement Renovations!

Home Additions

When you consider the many ways that you could potentially add space around your house, there is no other method that comes close to matching adding a home addition. Do you have an older home that was changed over the years by other homeowners? When you add an addition, you’re creating a space that is uniquely yours. Because it is also the biggest of any remodeling projects – you are, after all, talking about changing the actual footprint of your property – the experts at Spectrum Remodeling can walk you through the project in terms of both financial and emotional value. When built properly, your home addition blends into and becomes part of the house itself. So whether you’re adding on a great room, guest bedroom, bathroom, family room or leisure space, the Spectrum Remodeling team will be up front with you about everything from the permits to the wiring, plumbing, heating, and all of the trappings that come with extending the layout of your home.

We Build, Our Plans, Your Plans, Custom Plans

Remodeling an existing home is a big decision. Common questions and concerns vary from, how much will it cost, to how long will it take, to are permits required or is it even worth it? Spectrum Remodeling, a division of Spectrum Group will help make one of your most important decisions easy. With over 40 years of experience serving the greater Lehigh Valley area, we are committed to delivering quality, value and consistency throughout every step of the remodeling process.