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Custom Home Additions

You might be considering the option of moving from your current home because an aspect is still missing. Instead of moving, consider a home addition, which is an economical option. A home addition can inject new life into your space and save you the stress of having to leave your neighborhood. Are you thinking of starting a new room or home addition project? Discover the benefits that come with custom home additions here with Spectrum Homes

Benefits of Home Additions

Home additions can transform your home in a number of significant ways. The benefits of a custom home addition are not limited to the following: 

You can customize your home to your liking

A new home addition allows you to customize your home to cater to your needs. An additional room can meet several shifting demands of your family. You can add a home theater, home office, guest suite, or fitness studio, depending on your needs. Also, with home additions, you control every aspect of the design. You can choose the personal details that will enhance your home while expressing your personality. 

A home addition saves you time and money

Home additions are less expensive than selling your home and purchasing a larger one. Unlike a new home construction, custom home additions have less work and will not require your family to relocate to temporary living arrangements. Also, when you work with a custom builder, your budget is considered. Through this, you are able to stay within the estimated boundaries of your budget.

It adds value to your home

It never goes unmentioned that a home addition can significantly increase your property value. If you want to sell your property, a home addition can boost the selling potential of the home. Consider a home addition as a long-term investment that will entice potential home buyers when you put your property up for sale. 

You also get more dedicated space

A custom room addition will help you utilize every inch of usable space. Adding more rooms can provide more space for you and your family. A bonus room can serve as the extra space for hosting a party or a family gathering. You will not have to worry about overcrowding or reducing the number of guests. 

Types of Home Additions

Depending on your needs, there are many types of home additions. Let us take a closer look at them.

  • Kitchen additions will add more functionality and extra storage or counter space for working. 
  • Bathroom additions will accommodate the number of family members.
  • Guest suite additions to host friends and family members.
  • Family room additions to add more living space.
  • Sunroom additions to add protected recreational space.
  • Bedroom additions for family members who may come to stay with you for extended periods.

In-Law Suite with a Separate Entrance

In-law suites with separate entrances offer a practical and versatile solution for modern living arrangements. These self-contained living spaces, often attached to the main residence or located in a detached structure, provide an ideal housing option for multigenerational families, homeowners looking to generate rental income, or those seeking additional privacy for guests. 

The distinct entrance allows for a seamless transition between the main residence and the in-law suite while maintaining a level of autonomy and independence. This architectural feature caters to a range of needs, making it a popular choice for those looking to adapt their living spaces to evolving lifestyles and household dynamics.

We Go Beyond Home Addition Projects

Besides custom home additions, Spectrum Homes has extensive experience with home remodeling and full home renovation services. Whether your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, basement, or family room needs renovation, we strive to make it stress-free for you. We help you design and build your home with our personalized approach that fits your unique style. 

Our full design services include choosing from our over 60 floor plans. We also make alterations according to client needs. Once you have settled on a floor plan, we will sketch it and get the building process started. 

Improve Your Living Space with a Home Addition from Spectrum Homes

For years, in Lehigh, PA, homeowners have relied on Spectrum Homes and Remodeling to deliver high-quality home renovation services. Are you running out of space, or is your home too small and in need of an extra room? Trust us to handle any size or scope of custom home additions. Our team is happy to walk you through the journey of making your dream home come to life. Contact us!

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