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Our Plans, Your Plans,
Custom Designs

At Spectrum Homes we offer you choices for the building of your home. We do not build cookie-cutter homes, each one is unique with the owner’s personality coming through so you can truly say it is YOUR new home. Design services are offered through our drafting department. We can provide you with a simple sketch of your new home or work up to a 3D image and everything in between.

Our in-house menu of services include:

  • Over 60+ buildable floor plans to choose from,
    • If you love it we can build it just like it is with no alterations
  • You found a floor plan you love but would like to make some changes, we can do that!
    • We offer simple alterations to more complicated ones
  • Full design services
    • Taking your ideas and develop preliminary working sketch plan
    • Develop sketch facade and elevations
    • Develop a preliminary buildable plan which has a general overview of customary standard residential construction techniques which includes, foundation, framing, roofing, windows, and building code
  • Prepare a set of buildable floor plans for permitting purposes which will include final layout, final dimensions and schedule sheet
  • Presenting your floor plan in a 3 dimensional picture with a 2 step approach:
    • First floor and second floor, interior can be with or without furniture
    • Full facade and roof along with first and second floor

***Contact us for fees associated with the above services***


over 60+ plans to choose from


make alterations to any plan


full design services for a complete custom home