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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

kitchen remodel


Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A kitchen remodel goes a long way to ensuring your kitchen remains at the heart of your family. There are infinite kitchen remodel ideas to update your space and achieve your dream kitchen. Get inspired! Here are some ideas for updating your Kitchen with Spectrum Homes and Remodeling in Whitehall, PA. 

Open Up and Update the Concept

The size of your kitchen does not matter when it comes to the open kitchen concept. Even a small kitchen will benefit from an open-concept design. Take down walls to make room for a larger inviting space. Now your family will not be separated by walls when cooking. If the remodeling budget allows you, opt for higher ceilings. There is nothing wrong with opening up your kitchen space vertically. 

Another way to update your kitchen is to convert upper cabinets into open shelving where you can organize your dishes. Open shelving provides much-needed storage space and acts as a display space, making your house look expansive. On the shelves, you could display your cookbooks or crockery finds. Instead of closed cabinets, you can opt for plate racks. 

Add a Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are much more functional these days. Adding a multifunctional kitchen island will make a huge difference in your kitchen. It creates an interesting focal point in the space. In addition to opening up your kitchen space, the multifunctional island can be used as a worktop space for dining, entertaining, and extra dish storage. To ensure that it is functional, load up your kitchen island with must-have items like a built-in sink and a cooktop. When designing a kitchen island, opt for natural stones like marble and granite because they are aesthetically appealing. 

Explore Bold Color Palettes and Textures 

Use color to spark interest in your kitchen. If you are feeling bold, make a statement with your cabinetry. Choosing playful colors is a surefire way to elevate your kitchen. The kitchen sink area is the perfect place to welcome a bold color choice. You could also update this area with colorful tile backsplash or mosaic tiles.

The texture is an often-overlooked design element that allows making a difference to the overall appeal of a kitchen space. Without texture, your space may look uninspired and dull. Some of the places to incorporate them include: 

  • Walls through wood panels
  • Kitchen island
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Cabinets
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Countertops

    Adding texture enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen space. For instance, having marble countertops and rustic wooden walls can be a textural focal point of the room. Another creative idea is to introduce texture to spice up your kitchen backsplash. Patterned backsplash tiles can add a feeling of depth and detail to your kitchen. Consider textures like satin, high gloss, and matter to add new life to your cabinetry. In walls, fluted panels can serve as a focal point in your kitchen design and add depth to a space. 

Transform Your Kitchen with Spectrum Homes and Remodeling

At Spectrum Homes and Remodeling, we invite your kitchen ideas and craft a kitchen that suits your personality and adds significant resale value. Our kitchen designs are functionally seamless and outlast the changing trends. Spectrum Homes and Remodeling can take you through the entire process of planning a partial, or complete kitchen remodel. Contact us today, and let us help you create your desired kitchen. 

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